Union Membership
Management System

Built using Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express

Muti-tenant Application, hosted on our cloud instance.

Option available to deploy to your on-prem or cloud.

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Web-based, intuitive, and cost-effective solution!

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Membership Management

Track and Manage Local Unions, Chapters and Members along with their associated information such as member’s personal info., Work Info., Roles and document attachments.


Bank Deposits, Direct/Walkin Payments and Generate Receipt, Upload and process XML payroll contribution data, Checkoffs. Builtin PDF reporting for Walk-in Payment Receipts.

Grievances Management

Track and Manage Contracts, Grievance Cases, Prohibited Practice Cases, Reclassification Cases. Builtin PDF reporting for Grievance Forms, Prohibited Practice related Municipal, State, Private and reclassification reports.

Event Management

Track and Manage Events and Attendees. Display of Events in a Calendar. Print badges for all attendees in Avery 5395 format.


Various pre-built interactive reports are available. Interactive Report module allows end user to build their custom reports. Builtin PDF reporting for Accounting and Grievance modules. Print selected member's mailing labels in Avery 5160 (3 x 10) or 5161 (2 x 10) format.

Oracle APEX - Interactive report features Explaind. Watch

Application Portal

Common Application Portal hosting Union Memebership Management module, which allows to configure Company/Union specific details, such as Company and branch information, Logo hyperlink, Domain and LDAP information, User Master List and maintain authorization, Broadcasting Notifications, Activities and monitoring reports.


Customizable framework

Brand customization - Configure Logo and UI Theme.

Authentication - Option to select LDAP, Oracle and/or Registered User.

Authorization - Module based authorization.

Interactive Reports - Module based authorization. Interactive Reports - Report can be customized and shared or store as private report. Downloadable and can be subscribed reports in various formats.

Flex Columns - Configurable for Local, Chapter and Member datasets – Four Number Columns, Four Date Columns, Eight String Columns and one CLOB column. Easily configure per your specific needs.

Data Upload and Processing

We have built excel templates to prepare the data to upload and process bulk data. Template reports built to extract set of data to modify in excel and re-upload to merge the bulk changed data, with error reporting and edit functionality.

Document attachment

Any number of documents can be added for member and chapter. Document can be in any format such as PDF, Picture, Audio, Excel, Text etc.

Data Search

Member data can be searched by Name, SSN, Unique ID, Work ID, Status, Contact Types, Member type, Chapter and or local.

Responsive Framework

Application works seamlessly on Web browsers and on Mobile Devices.

Product Videos

Register your Company/Union

Company/Union Registration

Login to the Application. MSI Union Membership Management

Configure System

Upload lookup data for Members.

Similarly here is the video to upload lookup data for Chapters.

Similarly template is available to upload accounting lookup data, such as Chart of Accounts, Deposit From, Transaction Types and Payment Methods.

Similarly here is the video to upload lookup data for Grievances, if applicable.

Upload Locals, Chapters and Members Data

There are additional templates and screens available to Upload and maintain Payroll Contributions sourcing from XML file, Member Walkin Payments from Excel file, Events related datsets.

Seraching and Extracting Data

As explained in the demo, there are pre-built reports to generate reports data in the format that we can re-upload. This feature allows end-user to download data in excel/csv format, bulk update and re-load. This can save significant time and money to update data in bulk.

Interactive report features Explaind, to customize reports by end-user. Alows you to publish the report as private or public. Watch


  • Web-based, Intuitive, Scalable platform.
  • Do not require Union to have IT infrastructure or IT Team to support.
  • As you saw in the demo, we provide templates to prepare data and bulk upload/merge.
  • We can provide services to migrate your data from legacy system.
  • Very light framework, can be deployed and implemented quickly, significant cost savings to the Unions.
  • Proper check and balances are done to validate the data integrity..
  • We provide on-boarding support and comprehensive training.
  • Smaller Unions might be able to use Oracle Cloud Free Tier, to reduce overall cost.
  • You can get a full access to try RISK FREE.
  • Includes access to common application portal, which allows custom branding, configure authentication to use LDAP, role based authorization, add your announcements/notification, admins can monitor activities, etc.
  • Membership module is integrated with Accounting, Grievances, Events and Reports modules.
  • Drill-down from Local to Chapter to Member information.
  • Enhanced Search capabilities.
  • Enhanced Data Extraction capabilities.
  • Enhanced Reporting capabilities.

  • We can also enhance and/or provide customization.
  • Flexibility to either use our cloud based system, or your on-prem/cloud deployment.
  • Accessible from any mobile devices.
  • Very reasonable fee structure for all these integrated modules.
  • Running on top Database and light application framework.

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    *Fees are dependent on which configuration, services, volume and commitments are selected.

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